Hi. I’m Dennis Mellican

Hi. I’m Dennis Mellican Based in Brisbane, Australia providing DevOps consultancy for IT projects. MORE LESS

Born in the USA

Born in the USABecame a father to Benny Mellican. Future US President or Australian Prime Minister? MORE LESS

Silicon Valley

Silicon ValleyCreating Devtopia's in Silicon Valley and the rest of the USA.. MORE LESS

Hi. I’m Dennis Mellican

Dennis MellicanRecently moved back to Brisbane, Australia, from the San Francisco Bay Area.

I’m not looking for employment offers, but, that doesn’t mean we can’t work together. I’m always interested in:

  • Consulting Partnerships
  • DevOps
  • Home Automation
  • Startup Opportunities
Benny Mellican

Benny Mellican Born in the USA and raised in Australia. I'll be drawing from my knowledge and experiences to shape Benny with STEM education..

Silicon Valley

Creating DevOps Teams. In 2011, I worked for Optum (United Healthcare) as a Release Engineer and was promoted to a Director to manage Continuous Delivery across the organization. In 2014, I moved from a Fortune 5 company to a small startup to grow and accelerate their IT department.

During those 6 years, I accomplished

  • Consolidating DevOps tools and process across the Enterprise
  • Sent team members to Washington and Massachusetts to fix health.gov and exchange issues
  • Manage whole of IT for a startup
Columbia Univ.

Columbia Business School Columbia’s new program provided me an amazingly flexible, yet intense, opportunity to continue my education while not stopping the adventure that has become my career. I have four years to complete the program and a life-time to apply what I’ve learned.

The program is designed for executives and entrepreneurs, my current academic focus is on:

  • Business Management
  • Executive Leadership
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Finance and Accounting
Acquired Taste!

A designer’s dream come trueSince co-founding a design agency and watching its success result in an adventurous exit, we’ve joined the amazingly talented team @Twitter. They said it best, “we don’t want to change you, we want you to change Twitter” ... and we plan to. My new role: to design the design team.

Today we celebrate all of our accomplishments, none of which would be possible without thanks to:

  • Alex Giron, my busines partner
  • Dan Drinkard, our first employee
  • Kerry Gunther, keeping a dream alive
  • The entire web design community!
Yale University

Yale School of ManagementYale provided me an amazing opportunity to participate in a professional development program specifically designed for creative leaders. The Ivy League institution left me with a fundamental understanding of business principles and their diverse application.

The program covered everything from Queueing Theory to the Supply Chain, as well as:

  • Organizational Innovation
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Financial Accounting
  • Operations & Negotiations
Thinking Different

The opportunity of a life-timeFor over two years I worked along-side the most respected design institution in the world, Apple. I was a part of a select research & development team innovating next generation interactions and interfaces — most specifically pushing the limits of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

My contributions were focused primarily on buidling and managing the creative team, as well as:

  • Product Strategy
  • Project Management
  • Research
  • Brand/User Experience Design

Building a coworking communityWe took a void and filled a 6,000 square foot space with a custom developed environment specifically designed for creatives and collaboration.

Canvas is home to over twenty early-stage & independent companies.

Canvas was founded in early 2012 to serve a community of creative web designers and developers by offering:

  • Dedicated Working Space
  • Workshops and Courses
  • Speaker Series
  • Event and Conference Space
Marketing Oracle

Designing tech for one of the world’s largest tech companiesI worked as a part of a special team within Oracle’s Marketing department on thinking above their technology and beyond their competition. We worked on designing and developing web, mobile and social experiences throughout Oracle.

Over the course of two years, we worked on a plethora of interactive iniatives including:

  • iOS Development for iPhone/iPad
  • Desktop Applications for Mac/PC
  • HTML5 Mobile Web Prototypes
  • Back-end and API Integration
Adj. Professor

Educator and mentorOver the past half-decade, I lead web and interactive tracks with Boston University, MICA and now at General Assembly. I teach on a variety of subjects focused on fundamental design principles catered for interactive media/publishing and business.

In addition to teaching at more established institutions, I also speak formally on a diversity of topics:

  • User-Experience Design
  • Designing for Mobile
  • Business Principles for Designers
  • Designing Design Teams
Industry Reprint

Print isn’t dead yetFor over a decade I’ve worked along side some of the largest publishers to help transform an industry for emerging web, mobile and social technologies.

Communication is the constant in an world of innovation that moves at the speed of technology.

I’ve worked with traditional media, newspapers and magazines with local, national and international audiences:

  • Kiplinger
  • C-SPAN
  • National Journal
Socially Relevant

Pete Cashmore calledMashable had a tall order to fill: redesign everything, on WordPress, for over 25 million uniques, on mobile and to put social over SEO - all in under thirty-days.

Mashable was the first publication designed to be "re-tweetable".

It was more than a redesign, it was a complete re-think; we designed and developed the following:

  • Website and Mobile Experience
  • Native iOS App for iPhone/iPad
  • First-gen “Social Share” Tools
  • Dynamic Back-end Infrastructure
Running PUMA

An app faster than Usain BoltI was a part of a small team that architected the first mobile strategy for PUMA.

We worked to define what it meant to have one of the world’s most prolific sport and fashion brands in the palm of your hand.

Working with Alex Giron, our contributions were focused primarily on product strategy, as well as:

  • User Research Documentation
  • Information Architecture
  • Visual & User Experience Design
  • Prototype Development
Designing Ogilvy

Ogilvy Public RelationsOgilvy sought out Alex Giron and I for one of their largest interactive ‘re-thinks’ to date.

The objective was to think outside ‘Ogilvy Red’ and design for the ‘conversational web’ prior to the emergence of ‘Social Media’.

Working closely with the executive team, we focused on a variety of aspects such as:

  • Creative Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Visual Interface Design
  • Front-end Template Development
Venture Bound

ncludWe worked with some of the most prominent and innovative brands in the world on both the start-up and corporate level. Our client list included working with organizations such as Mozilla, Marriott, Google, British Telecom and Adobe to name a few.

Working along-side my business partner and friend, Alex GIron, my primary focus included:

  • Business Development
  • Revenue and Growth Strategy
  • Product Development
  • Marketing & Design Consultant
A Foolish Year

The Motley FoolBrought on as Art Director, I was responsible for helping build and lead the creative services team; playing a critical role in implementing web-best-practices, redesigning fool.com as well as re-launching and branding all high-revenue products.

While my year with the Fools was brief, we redesigned everything from the team to the process to the flagship:

  • Initial Fool.com Redesign
  • Newsletter Product Redesign
  • CAPS Community Branding/Styling
  • Operational & Process Management
Creative Director

Cygnus Business MediaI started as a consultant and was immediately asked the join full-time to lead the interactive design team. We designed and developed over seventy unique publication websites within twenty-four months. I was a designer, front-end developer and manager.

I was given the opportunity to build a team of young and quick-to-be industry influencing talent, including:

  • Alex GIron, Twitter
  • John Riviello, Comcast
  • Michael Raichelson, Nav. Arts
My Discovery

Discovery CommunicationsDiscovery is where I got my first break, my first professional job as a ‘designer’. I received the attention of the Creative Director with a logo designed for Nike. Once you can put a dinosaur on anything in your portfolio, your resume is never the same; I will always be thankful for the amazing opportunity they provided.

I worked as one of six designers on the iMedia team, focused on all of their interactive properties, including:

  • The Discovery Channel
  • Animal Planet
  • T.L.C.
  • Travel Channel
Univ. of Maryland

Let’s Go Terps!While at Maryland, I started as a Computer Science major and was later accepted into the IDVSP, Individual Studies Program. I had the select opportunity to ‘design’ my major, ensuring a unique and diverse curriculum from the Business, Communication, English, Journalism and Art Departments.

I learned much as an undergrad, from Art History to C++, the most influential courses included:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • The Language of Advertising
  • The Philosophy of Art
  • Persuasive Communication
Dennis Mellican

I am Dennis MellicanDevOps Consultant respresenting IBM and Cognizant at Suncorp Bank, with a focus on automating their AWS infrastructure.

I’m all-over this Internet thing, and, totally stalk’able online; shout-out, connect, follow and even watch my energy consumption in real-time: